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The Moguntia Food Group specialises in the development of high quality branded products, and is your competent partner for the development and production of certified organic, conventional, gluten free, allergen free, vegetarian and vegan products for soups, sauces and seasonings. As an internationally operating company, we have 116 years of experience in the production and development of high quality foods.


As a private label service provider, we can be much more than merely a manufacturer who supports you in bringing your own brands or products to market. We are a partner who can collaboratively develop and produce innovations with you that are well-developed, attractively priced and high quality, and will help to successfully strengthen your brand.
Together we can create compelling competitive advantages.


Supported by dynamic process management, we translate your ideas into innovative, commercial products. From the creation of the product attributes to individual packaging design, our product developers are guided by your specifications. Within each project phase, you will benefit from our excellent structures, high quality standards and our pronounced innovative strength.
In each project phase, you will benefit from our excellent structures, high quality standards and our pronounced innovative strength.

Product development.
The specialist for quality and current food trends.

When it comes to strengthening trademarks and implementing the market launch of private products quickly and efficiently, we are one of the leading private label partners in Europe.

Since 2003, we have been partners for the food industry, producing and developing products for national and international retail and wholesale trade. We are experienced specialists for the development and production of spices, soups and broths, and we are able to respond to current food trends within these categories.

Product development

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The product is not the only important factor for success – the packaging is essential, too. Good packaging protects the product, and has a functional, user-friendly design. From the design to the production of packaging, from filling to the legally binding declaration – we have the knowledge! We are happy to support you in this area either modularly or fully serviced.


Quality management.
No compromises.

That is our motto when it comes to quality and responsibility towards our customers. The safeguarding and continuous development of our quality management is a key success factor of the Moguntia Food Group. We are ISO 9001, Bio, BRC, IFS, Halal and GTF certified. With our high quality services and products, we supply the leading retail companies in the consumer goods sector in Europe and our neighbouring markets.

Quality management

Decades of expertise in food production.

There is a lot to consider in the process of industrial food production. Often, details determine the success or failure of a product launch. It is also necessary to conscientiously implement the legal requirements and obligations and take them into account early in the planning. The Moguntia Food Group will stand by you in every phase of development with advice built on a wealth of experience and expertise. We support you soundly with specialist and legal advice, targeted market research, feasibility studies or the analysis of ingredients.


Market analytics.
Knowing today what the trend will be tomorrow.

Trend research is a new field that is increasingly gaining accuracy and reliability, thanks to big data and intelligent algorithms.

The Moguntia Food Group will provide you with accurate forecasts, and any specific in-demand trends, in the initial phase of product development through our innovative and state-of-the-art analysis programs.

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Responsibility for people and the environment.

Integrity and utmost care are the core values that guide our actions every day, and are implemented when it comes to the safety and protection of people and the environment.

We assess the environmental impact of raw materials, packaging materials and production processes. The annual audit of the most important suppliers considers technical and commercial aspects as well as social and environmental factors.

From development to production ending with disposal, we make sure that no polluting materials are used.


Value Chain

From the planning and consultation, to raw material organisation, production and packaging through tasting/ testing in our accredited laboratories, to distribution; the Moguntia Food Group generates all the added value in our own company group. This means a high degree of transparency and allows optimal control of the quality of our products.


Planning and consultation


Project development


Benchmark analysis




Feasibility analysis


Manufacture of samples


Manufacture of packaging


Packaging QS


Packaging printing


Organisation of raw materials


Final production


Product QS

The part and the whole

The Moguntia Food Group is one of the world’s most modern food companies

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