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We take responsibility for nature

For us as producers of high quality foods, integrity and utmost care in dealing with our resources is a matter we take very seriously. We guarantee that no polluting materials are used, from development to production ending with disposal. We believe that the processes we use must ensure the well-being of people and the environment.

In addition, we generate electricity from our own photovoltaic facility in order to source our buildings and production sites. We also reduce our Co2 emissions considerably when doing so, but also when operating our machinery to the required minimum. Furthermore, we purify the process water, which we use during production in our in-house water treatment facility, before turning the water back to nature.

We have also optimised our logistics with regards to resource conservation. Our logistic packaging systems are now space saving and recyclable – for optimal utilisation of transport and storage.

We regularly test raw materials and production processes for their environmental impact. The annual audits of our most important suppliers take into account technical and commercial aspects as well as social and environmental factors.

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